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Thank you for providing Aussie Aluminium with an opportunity to provide you with a custom made security or screen door.

Terms and Conditions

Hinged security screen doors will all come with standard colour door closer, standard lock handle and bug strip included in price.

Estimates will be provided on the basis of measurements provided by the customer

Estimates will be provided for standard colour range only as listed

Within Port Lincoln area, a no obligation free exact measurement taken and quote provided for all estimates accepted.

All quotes will be covered under our normal business terms and conditions with a 30% deposit to be paid to Aussie Aluminium on acceptance.

Where any unforeseen circumstances or conditions of works to be undertaken are unknown further charges may apply.

Delivery and handling charges will apply for all orders requiring shipment outside the Port Lincoln area.

No responsibility taken for customer measurements on any orders.

No responsibility taken by Aussie Aluminium for any damage caused in transit.

Estimated period of four weeks to allow for manufacturing of ordered goods.