Shower Screens

Durable Shower Screens

A shower screen can be one of the most important features in your bathroom. Without that level of privacy, you simply cannot feel comfortable in your shower. A bath screen with its close-fitting seal protects your floor from water, preventing damage from water exposure. Our screens offer far greater protection than a simple shower curtain, and you will also appreciate the modern and updated design.

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Framed shower screens have smooth, rounded corners and use contoured profiles to eliminate dirt and soap that can get trapped in your bathroom.


Semi-frameless shower screens complement just about any bathroom style. With a slim perimeter and either a frameless pivot or sliding door, our semi-frameless models are both beautiful and structurally strong.


Frameless shower screens provide the ultimate in minimalist style and truly lead the way in universal design, giving this design relevance and staying power.

Single Panel

Single panel shower screens feature one piece of glass for the entire surface. These panels can be partial covers or larger pieces of glass to cover more space. Single panel shower screens are cost effective and are a great way to display detailed tiling in a shower.

Nano Coat & EnduroShield Shower Screen Cleaners

Nano Seal Protective Coat can help to coat your glass with a proven solution that makes the surface easy to clean. The coating creates an invisible, non-stick barrier, helping to protect indoor and outdoor glass so that it can remain cleaner for longer periods of time.

EnduroShield is another cleaning solution that helps to treat your glass so that it can stay cleaner longer. The non-stick protective layer helps to repel stains, soap scum and grime.

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