Durable Balustrades You Can Rely On

Have you ever supported your weight on a wobbly railing and felt unsafe and insecure in your environment? Often the key to a sturdy railing or banister is durable and strong balustrades. Aussie Aluminium can help ensure your safety and comfort while in your residential or commercial property.

A balustrade can help support a railing, and it is typically found on an ornamental parapet on a balcony, bridge or terrace. Balustrades are essential for staircases, porches and much more. It is important to make sure that your railings are as sturdy as they are decorative! Ornamental features in your home or business can be supported by our balustrades.

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  • Café Screens
  • Privacy Screens
  • Pool Surround
  • Anti-Climb
  • Balcony
  • More!

Harkk Glass Balustrade & Screen Systems

Harkk Glass Balustrade & Screen Systems offer you glazed glass materials that can exceed current international building standards to ensure beauty and safety on your balcony or surrounding a pool. They are known for long-lasting durability and innovative design and engineering.

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